The Reception
The Exchange Hall
The Library
The Aisle
The Empire room
Room 13
The Tietgen Hall
The Committee Hall
The Chairman's Office
In 1999 the foyer around the staircase and the Aisle
on the first floor were completely renovated. The preservation authorities demanded certain limits and therefore it was decided that it had to appear in the style which the architect, professor Kai Gottlob had worked out in 1942 in connection with the 200 year anniversary of the Merchant's Guild.

Today the Aisle is sometimes used as a lounge, and is therefore arranged in sitting groups with classic leather furniture made by Poul Kjærholm.

On both sides of the Aisle there are offices and assembly rooms, which are used daily by the Chamber. Here you can enter the Empire room, Room no. 13, the Tietgen hall, Tietgens Office, the Committee Hall and the Chairman's office.
Designed: 1942
Restored: 1999
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