The Reception
The Exchange Hall
The Library
The aisle
The Empire room
Room 13
The Tietgen Hall
The Committe Hall
The Chairman's Office
Børsen's design is quite unique. The building contains

an amazing Exchange Hall with more than 500 square meters. This makes it possible to have even large arrangements in the heart of Copenhagen.

The Library and the other assembly rooms also have various options for different arrangements. The Library and the Tietgen Hall are very suitable for conferences and receptions, whereas the other assembly rooms are ideal for meetings, dinners and minor seminars.

All rooms in the building are differently designed, and are all characterized by their own history and live up to all modern standards regarding meeting facilities.

Børsen's Banquet and Conference department is responsible for renting out assembly rooms, and is your guarantee for a professional handling of your arrangement whether your requests are for meetings, luncheons, conferences, incentives, exhibitions or something entirely different.

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