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When you enter Børsen
today from Slotsholmsgade, the first thing that catches your eye is the reception in front of the beautiful Mosaic, which bends in three sections around the staircase to the first floor. The Mosaic was given to Børsen by a former member of the committee, manager Louis Bahnson. It was created in 1957 by Boye Givskov in Ravenna in the North of Italy, and was transported to Denmark in large squares mounted on the base. It took the artist almost two years from the first drafts being made, until the final result was completed. The Mosaic is said to be the largest Ravenna-Mosaic workmanship in Scandinavia. Boye Givskov has said, it contains approx. 670.000 stones placed in 600 different shades of colour.

Mercury is guarding on the left side of the Mosaic and Neptune on the right side. They are symbols for what the main organization of trade represents. The inscription is the following:

"On august 4th 1742 the Merchants' Guild was established"

"On april 23th 1817 the commitee of the Merchants' Guild was founded"

"On this foundation, the heritage of Danish trade has been implemented for the benefit of Society."

"In 1857 the Merchant's Guild acquired Børsen which was built during 1618-1640"

In 2000 Børsen got a "facelift" again. The reception was moved and glass doors were built at the entrance. Today "The Mosaic" is used as a business lounge, where you can have a cup of coffee and get connected to the Internet.

The staircase
In 1999 the foyer at the staircase and the Aisle on the first floor went through a complete renovation.

The money box/ the Block
On the left side before entering the Aisle on the first floor, you will notice the Block.

The Block originates from the royal order in 1683, when King Christian V turned the administration of Børsen over to Søkvæsthuset (marine hospital). The money box was placed on top of the Block to collect money for the wounded people at Søkvæsthuset.

The Block was placed at the ramp entrance untill 1876, when the Ministry of Finance who owned the key, emptied the money box for the last time.
The reception:
Renovated in 2000
The Mosaic:
Boye Givskov 1957
Approx. 670.000 stones
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