The history
Børsen's period of time
One of the old and most impressive
buildings in Copenhagen is Børsen. The building was built by King Christian IV during 1618- 1624 enabling it a symbol of Copenhagen as a trade centre and metropolis.

Originally Børsen was used as a commodity exchange and this is why it is nominated as one of the first exchanges in Europe.

Because the building is privately owned since 1857, there is normally no admittance. It is not a museum, but is owned by the Chamber of Commerce, which is an independent private business association for trade and services. Besides the many offices the building naturally holds, quite a number of assembly rooms can be rented out for various kinds of arrangements i.e. meetings, conferences, parties, exhibitions etc.

Right here on Børsen's homepage you can read all about the beautiful old building and its history. Try to take a stroll in the building. The homepage has factual information about renting and you can see pictures of the specific assembly rooms.

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