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The Tietgen Hall is in the middle of the Aisle overlooking Slotsholmgade. The original goldplated wall paper in canvas and the tall wooden wainscots decorate the walls. In the room there is a secret door which leads into the other offices. This makes it possible to walk parellelly to the Aisle from the landing to the end of the building facing East. In connection with the renovation in 1999, the old furniture were replaced with modern interior from the series of the Nanna Ditzels Trinidad. The Hall was once used as a secretariat for the Merchants' Guild but is rented out today for meetings, conferences etc.

Tietgen's office
In 1859 Privatbanken rented assemblies in the part of the building facing East and the strongrooms are still there from that period.

For almost 20 years C.F. Tietgen had his office in the assembly room, which is used by the Chamber's managing director today.

Tietgen was the first bank director at the new bank called Privatbanken, which used to be located at Højbro Plads. Until 1987 the inventory from Tietgen's office was displayed at the Privatbank's museum on the ground floor at Børsen, which now has offices. Today the museum is at Heerings Gård on Christianshavn. Tietgen was the chairman for the Merchants' Guild during 1885-1897. Tietgen's portrait is placed in the Committee Hall and he is also represented on P.S.Krøyers "Børsbillede" from 1895, which is in the Library.
Renovated in 1999
C.F. Tietgen was the bank director at Privatbanken and the founder of B&W, D.F.D.S. and Store Nordiske Telegrafselskab
The Tietgen Hall for rent
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